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The Science of Public Speaking™ (14/10/17)

The course has made an improvement in my skills in public speaking, furthermore, this has benefited me and I look forward to the next course.
~ Armany, chef

Comprehensive techniques that will be very beneficial for future public speaking engagements.
~ Elisa, manager

In the beginning, I was worried that it's only a one way course. But I'm really satisfied in the end. Ms. Sandy really helped me to overcome my nervousness.
~ Fauziahanim, PhD student

The approach is very good. There is balance between theory and practical. Small group session is important as to maintain the quality and to ensure the message is delivered to the participants.
~ Saffrena, civil engineer

This is a 1-day programme that covers 3 levels of public speaking. To a housewife like me, it is very encouraging. I have been transformed from an inexperienced speaker to a presentable speaker in one day.
~ Sarah, homemaker

The class was conducted professionally with theory and practical that enabled the participants to understand better "the science of public speaking".
~ Tan, engineer

Session was effective, fun, interactive, practical and above all anyone can be a great speaker by applying and practising all the "888" techniques!
~ Tash, financial services dealer

The Science of Public Speaking™ (30/09/17)

Good exposure for me in the knowledge of being a public speaker. The practical activity was fun. This is important as we know which level we are at and which areas we need to improve on in order to be a great public speaker. Good job, Sandy. Fruitful knowledge and great course to be attended.
~ Farhan, student

Practical & fun session with Sandy especially the final session.
~ Lim, tax consultant

Sandy is a great speaker who can engage everyone in the class. The class has benefited me a lot and makes me have more ideas how to give my presentation.
~ LY, chemist

I loved the experience here today being taught the Science of Public Speaking. I got to make friends with many participants too.
~ Muni, student

This programme is very comprehensive and can help the participants to build up better self-confidence when facing the audience. The notes are very useful.
~ Ramizu, service engineer

A good course for those who need basic knowledge in public speaking. The best part is the participants can practise to speak in front of the class and obtain the feedback for self-improvement.
~ Suzanna, auditor

It was a very encouraging course that I learnt so much from today. I gained more confidence and learnt valuable tips while attending this course. The course is comprehensive and easy to understand.
~ Zaikha, business owner

It's a good intro to public speaking for everyone, especially for beginners. Good interaction between participants & the speaker, pleasant experience.
~ ZH, lecturer

The Science of Public Speaking™ (4/2/18)

Overall the class is fun and interactive. The coach will guide you from scratch.
~ Arif, business developer

The programme today on the Triple 8 Formula was a good start and provided an overall view of public speaking.
~ Dr. Syed, doctor

It's been a wonderful Sunday to be able to learn the "fastest way" and the fundamentals of public speaking. It really helped to bring the speaker out of me.
~ Jasmel, director

For me, as a public speaking newbie, I've gained a lot of information on how to give a good speech. I also gained confidence in speaking in public.
~ Liyana, student

The course was very useful and engaging. I learned and managed to put into practice a huge amount of knowledge in one day. The teacher is good and well prepared.
~ Luca, artist

Level 1 can be so quickly and easily applied to make a significant change in public speaking skills.
~ Siti, data analyst